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Media Featuring CYDA


New Story Collection captures growing up with disability in Australia Disability Support Guide 7/12/2018

Project offers regional tertiary students with disability paid internships Disability Support Guide 8/11/2018 

Awareness day highlights condition affecting an average of two children per classroom Disability Support Guide 19/10/2018

Inaccessible classrooms in NSW schools The Saturday Paper, 22/09/2018

Survey reveals alarming bullying figures The Educator, 6/06/2018

Has bullying of disabled students reached a crisis point? ABC Radio, 06/06/2018 

Concerns for students with disabilities as national report reveals widespread bullying, assaults and suicide taunts ABC News, 06/06/2018

An adaptive controller created by Microsoft will enable accessible gaming for people with disability… and that’s only the beginning.
Disability Support Guide, 04/06/2018

Action must be taken to stop bullying of students with disability Pro Bono, 21/05/18

Concerns over NDIS funding being tied to big business taxes ABC Radio, 26 April 2018

Leading Learning 4 All website questioned by peak disability groups The Canberra Times, 13/01/18  


Mainstream schools discourage inclusion of students with disability Pro Bono Australia, 06/11/17

Discrimination claims against Australia’s education system National Disability Guide, 06/11/17

'It's completely disgusting': Locked gate leaves family out of school community The Age, 17/8/2017

Policy & Reform: Students with Disability The Australian Education Reporter, Term 3 2017

Playing the numbers game The Sunday Mail July 2017

Disability rules give students a chance to shine The Australian, 18/7/2017

As claims rise, Labor fears Gonski disability funding will suffer The Australian, 17/7/2017

Children with behavioural disorders in mainstream schools in 'harm's way' says education head The Daily Telegraph, 26/6/2017

Gonski 2.0 special education Panel – Radio National Breakfast, featuring CYDA CEO Stephanie Gotlib ABC, 23/6/2017

Experts reject Pauline Hanson’s anti-mainstreaming comments The Early Learning Review, 22/6/2017

Gonski 2.0: Pauline Hanson's insensitive remarks aren't the only bad news for disabled students – Opinion Piece by Stephanie Gotlib
ABC News, 22/6/2017

It is a lonely experience’: the students barred from camps and excursions The Age, 29/5/17

Centrelink debt recovery chaos hits people with disabilities, advocates say Canberra Times, 30/3/17

Teachers ‘overwhelmed’ helping special needs students The Educator, 17/3/17

Judge slams NSW education interrogation protocols after school peer rape case ABC News, 3/2/17

‘Urgent and critical reforms’ needed The Educator, 13/1/17


Mornings 774 ABC Melbourne, 21/12/16 (Interview at 14 minute mark).

Disabled boy pressured into sex act on fellow student on school bus, 7 News, 21/12/16.

Disabled teenager instructed to perform sex act on school bus by another disabled student, ABC 7.30, 20/12/16

Australia's disabled children at risk of being denied promised funding after counting stuff-up, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/12/16

School student disability survey ‘fails credibility test,’ The Australian, 20/12/16

Royal commission continues to investigate issues within criminal justice system, ABC Radio, 30/11/16

Initiative creates toys to reflect children living with disabilities, SBS News, 30/10/16

Children with a disability lose out on funding as they move into high school, The Age, 24/9/16

New report highlights alarming treatment of children with disabilities in Queensland schools, Courier Mail, 10/8/16

How schools are failing some of NSW's most vulnerable students, Sydney Morning Herald, 9/8/16

Epileptic boy strapped to chair could prompt disciplinary action, Brisbane Times, 29/7/16

UN asked to probe ‘school system in crisis’The Educator, 25/7/16

UN asked to investigate 'abuses' of disabled students in Australian schools, The Age, 21/7/16

Sex abuse claims a 'PR problem to be managed': Royal commission, Sydney Morning Herald, 19/7/16

NDIS child protection standards need work Royal Commission hears, ABC Radio National, 19/7/16

NDIS 'a new risk' for disabled kids, 7 News, 19/7/16.

Maitland mum calls for better support for children with disability in mainstream schools, Maitland Mercury, 23/6/16

Leaky, cramped and forgotten. Specialist schools receive urgent funding boost, The Age, 18/4/16

NDIS: Landmark disability reform a step closer after funding pledge, The Age, 24/3/16

Bendigo special school that put student in pen cleared of wrongdoing, The Age, 23/3/16

One in five students has a disability: confidential data, The Australian, 12/3/16

Mum inspires adaptive clothing line for children with disabilities, ABC News, 24/2/16

We must do more to protect and educate children with disabilities, Education Review, 11/2/16

ACT government faces calls for more psychologists in Canberra schools, Canberra Times, 1/2/16

Drive, 774 ABC Melbourne, 21/1/16. Interview at 1 hour, 10 minute mark

Disabled children shut out of private schools, The Age, 20/1/16

Senate says schools failing kids with disability, The Educator, 19/1/16

Senate inquiry finds 'disgraceful' treatment of schoolchildren with disabilities in Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/1/16

Australian schools failing children with disabilities, Senate report finds, 7.30 (ABC), 15/1/16

Schools failing students with disabilities, teachers need more training: Senate committee finds, ABC News, 15/1/16

Children with disability getting raw deal at schools, parents tell Senate inquiry, The Guardian, 15/1/16

Education for disability kids 'like Lotto,' 7 News, 15/1/16


Calls for royal commission into abusive teachers, The Educator, 17/12/15

Police investigate school's treatment of autistic child, ABC News, 16/12/15

Calls for Royal Commission into abuse of autistic children in NSW schools, ABC Radio, 16/12/15

Delay on student disability funding ‘just cruel,’ The Australian, 15/12/15

Calls for child sex abuse royal commission to investigate sterilisation, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/11/15

Boy with autism locked inside cell-like room...again, The Educator, 29/10/15

Hervey Bay boy with epilepsy strapped to school chair with seatbelt: Mum, Brisbane Times, 29/10/15

Call for teachers to be fired, charged over treatment of boy with autism, Courier Mail, 29/10/15

Boy with autism allegedly placed in locked room in Queensland school, ABC Radio, 28/10/15

Child locked in room: Disability group hits out, Fraser Coast Chronicle, 28/10/15

School puts boy with autism in ‘cell-like’ room, Courier Mail, 28/10/15

Minister causes offence after thanking 'lucky stars' his kids are not disabled, The Age, 22/10/15

Parents forced to homeschool children with autism because of lack of understanding in mainstream schools, advocates say, ABC News, 20/10/15

Children with autism home-schooled because of a lack of school places, ABC Radio, 20/10/15.

Commute a trial for kids, Herald Sun, 10/10/15

Children and Young People with Disability Australia chief executive Stephanie Gotlib says special-needs students face low expectations, Courier Mail, 5/10/15

Students with disability 'tied to chairs' at school, Senate inquiry told, The Australian, 14/9/15

Teachers lack resources to help students with a disability, Senate inquiry told, The Guardian, 14/9/15

Principal banned after school cage inquiry, Sky News, 8/9/15

Widespread bullying and abuse of children with disability at school: report to federal senate inquiry, Sydney Morning Herald, 4/9/15

When the urge to 'protect' a child is really a judgementDaily Life, 23/7/15

Senate go ahead for inquiry into students with disability, Pro Bono, 18/6/15

Senate may probe schools’ policies, The Educator, 20/5/15

One in four disabled kids in Australia are refused school enrolment - crisis situation, Team Around the Child, 20/5/15

Educating Jake and Cooper, ABC Radio National, 17/5/15

Students with disabilities: One in four refused enrolment, most get inadequate support, survey shows, Sydney Morning Herald, 15/5/15

Survey finds one in four children with a disability have been rejected by a school, ABC Radio National, 15/5/15

Helping teachers to help their kids with learning difficulties, The Australian, 3/5/15

Disability funding 'vital for children': parents travel to Canberra seeking support, St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader, 16/4/15

Inadequate system failing students with disabilities, The Educator, 9/4/15

Call for safeguards for students with disability Pro Bono News, 7/4/2015 

Labor backs disability schooling reviewEducation Review, 7/4/2015

Disability groups back call for inquiry into education of children with a disabilitySydney Morning Herald, 7/4/2015

Special needs boy placed in cage by Canberra schoolThe Australian, 3/4/15

Urgent call for targeted funding to prevent abuse at schoolSydney Morning Herald, 3/4/2015

Mistreatment of disabled kids ‘shocking’Nine News, 3/4/2015

Mistreatment of disabled kids ‘shocking’SBS News, 3/4/2015

Claims use of cage for boy with autism not an isolated case, as reports of other incidents emerge on social mediaABC News, 3/4/2015

Shock and sadness at ‘cage’ for Canberra school boy with autism: Ricky StuartCanberra Times,  3/4/2015

Cage built to lock up an autistic child was operational for 17 days, The Herald Sun, 3/4/2015

Canberra principal suspended after ‘cage built for autistic student’The Daily Telegraph, 3/4/2015

Children with autism caged and abused at schoolSydney Morning Herald, 2/04/2015

Mum in fight for disability fundingSunshine Coast Daily, 25/3/15

Students with disabilities lobby Government ahead of May BudgetRadio National (ABC), 24/3/15

Principals report 'crisis' in funding for disabled studentsSBS, 24/3/15

New AEU report shows most principals can’t meet needs of students with a, 24/3/15

Union 'scaring parents of disabled kids,' SBS, 24/3/15

The most needy kids missing vital early learning: reportSBS, 20/2/15


Call for wider probe into disability abuse, Yahoo/7 News, 25/11/14

Parents fear cuts to class aid for students with disabilityThe Mercury, 6/11/14

'Special needs' a funding pitchThe Australian, 4/11/14

Alice-Ann Meyer's plea for son Jameson and children with disabilities goes viralThe Age, 1/10/14

Agency pulls ad for school aides with martial arts trainingThe Age, 13/8/14

Review starts on jobs for young people with disabilitiesPro Bono, 1/8/14

Ending Uncertainty, The Australian EducatorWinter 2014 edition

Parents of disabled children hit out at budget cutsRadio National (ABC), 16/5/14

Row over increased funds for disabilityThe Australian, 16/5/14

Disabled miss out on funds boost with promised extra funding overlooked in Federal BudgetThe Mercury, 15/5/14

Disabled students needs full Gonski reforms, say advocatesABC News, 12/5/14

Learning difficultiesLateline, 17/4/14


Inclusion of students with disability best for all: studyIllawarra Mercury, 23/10/13.

Australia must do more to educate children with a disabilityRadio National, 23/10/13.

Call for equality for students with disabilityPro Bono, 22/10/13.

Dyslexia counted as disability under Better Schools planThe Age, 23/8/13.

Raising inclusive kidsEssential Kids, 16/8/13.

Fears disabled left behindThe Australian, 16/4/13.

The Education DebateQ and A, 11/3/13.

Disability advocates query Victoria’s school alternativeThe Age, 2/3/13.


Disabled children at higher risk of abuse and neglectRadio National, 4/12/12.

State defies experts’ advice on Jacob’s autismThe Age, 19/6/12.

Disability education could be boosted by Gonski report, Radio National, 21/5/12.

Pushing the boundaries on autism in the mainstream, The Age, 22/3/12. 


Too costly to help disabled at schoolThe Age, 26/8/2011.

When special needs skew the scoreThe Age, 28/3/11.


Inclusion in EducationNetwork Ten, 12/10.

Anger as disabled pupils spend up to four hours a day on busThe Age, 15/8/10.