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    On this page you will find information about where you can get help and assistance, and how to make a complaint, about matters such as:

    • abuse and neglect
    • discrimination 
    • education
    • employment 
    • health
    • National Disability Insurance Service (NDIS)
    • National Redress Support services

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    • Do you provide individual advocacy?

      Individual advocacy involves assistance to resolve issues of specific relevance to a child or young person with disability and their family. Many people contact CYDA seeking individual advocacy. CYDA does not provide individual advocacy. Individuals and families can contact one of the disability advocacy organisations listed listed in the get help by state or territory section for individual advocacy.

      It is vital that young people and families continue to contact CYDA and tell us about their experiences. This insight and knowledge informs us about change that is occurring and identifies areas where systemic changes are required. You can contact us to provide us with information about your experiences.

    • How do I get help or make a complaint?

      In the get help by state and territory section you will find the organisations and phone numbers where you can make a complaint, as well as advocacy organisations who can help you with individual advocacy.

    • What will you do if I contact you needing assistance?

      Although CYDA does not provide individual advocacy, you can contact us and we can make a warm referral to the right organisation to assist you or can direct you to other advocacy organisations that may be able to help address the issue you raised. 

    • What else can CYDA do for me?

      CYDA provides systemic advocacy to achieve better outcomes for children and young people with disability. Systemic advocacy seeks to influence and change a 'system' such as legislation, government policy and community attitudes. Through systemic advocacy, CYDA aims to create change and a more informed understanding of the experiences and challenges of children and young people with disability.

      An imperative part of the work of CYDA is to raise awareness of issues impacting on children and young people with disability and their families. It is not possible to achieve effective policy and practice for children and young people with disability unless governments and the community are informed of the lived experience of disability.

      You can have your say through getting involved in CYDA's activities.