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Individual Advocacy

Individual advocacy involves assistance to resolve issues of specific relevance to a child or young person with disability and their family. Many people contact CYDA seeking individual advocacy.

CYDA does not provide individual advocacy. Individuals and families can contact one of the organisations listed below for assistance or they can contact CYDA for other providers of individual advocacy.

It is vital that young people and families continue to contact CYDA and tell us about their experiences. This insight and knowledge informs us about change that is occurring and identifies areas where systemic changes are required. CYDA can be contacted by phone on 03 9417 1025 or 1800 222 660 (regional or interstate) or via the contact us section of this website.

State/Territory organisations that provide individual advocacy:

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service Inc - An independent, not-for-profit, advocacy organisation helping people with disabilities, older people and their carers.
Phone 02 6242 5060

Advocacy for Inclusion Incorporated - An independent service that provides individual and systemic advocacy for people with disability.
Phone 02 6257 4005

New South Wales

People with Disability Australia Incorporated - A disability rights and advocacy organisation that provides individual advocacy, information provision and systemic advocacy.
Phone 02 9370 3100

Family Advocacy - An independent, disability advocacy organisation which works with families in which there is a child or an adult with developmental disability.
Phone 02 9869 0866

Northern Territory

Disability Advocacy Service - An independent, not for profit organisation that works with the purpose of promoting an inclusive local community.
Phone 08 8953 1422

Darwin Community Legal Service - Darwin Community Legal Service seeks to help disadvantaged people to resolve their legal problems by providing independent legal information, legal advice and legal casework, including representation.
Phone 08 8982 1111 


Independent Advocacy Townsville - A community organisation that provides advocacy support for people with disability in the Townsville region.
Phone 07 4725 2505

People with Disability Australia Incorporated - A disability rights and advocacy organisation that provides individual advocacy, information provision and systemic advocacy.
Phone 02 9370 3100

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated - QAI provides individual legal advocacy in support of persons whose disability is at the centre of their legal issue.
Phone 07 3844 4200

Rights in Action - A non-profit, community based organisation that provides independent advocacy for people with disabilities who are in vulnerable situations.
Phone 07 4031 7377 

Speaking Up For You Inc - Speaking Up For You protects and defends people with disability through individual advocacy to address injustices and make a positive and sustainable difference to their lives.
Phone 07 3255 1244

South Australia

Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion - An organisation that works to enable people with disability to access their community and achieve better education, service provision and employment opportunities.
Phone 08 8340 4450 or 1800 856 464

Disability Rights Advocacy Service – An organisation that provides both individual and systemic advocacy for all people with disability across South Australia. Their mission is to safeguard and promote the rights and interest of people with disability, their families and carers.
Phone 08 8351 9500 

Parents Helping Parents - An all volunteer organisation that shares information with families who have a child with a disability.
Email [email protected]


Association for Children with a Disability (Victoria) - ACD is the leading advocacy and information service for children with any type of a disability and their families living in Victoria. They provide free telephone information and support, training for professionals and parent workshops, policy development and system change and NDIS funded supports.
Phone 03 9880 7000

Youth Disability Advocacy Service - YDAS works alongside young people with disability aged 12 to 25 to raise awareness of their rights and to support them to achieve what they want.
Phone 03 9267 3755 or 1300 727 176


Association for Children with a Disability (Tasmania) - A non-profit organisation that provides information, advocacy and support for Tasmanian families of children with disability.
Phone 03 6231 2466

Advocacy Tasmania Incorporated - An independent, non-government organisation that has provided advocacy services across Tasmania since 1990, including for people with disability.
Phone 03 6224 2240 or 1800 005 131

Western Australia

Advocacy South West Inc - Advocacy South West provides individual advocacy that is collaborative, responsive, holistic and professional and focused specifically on the many and varied issues presented by people with disabilities.
Phone 08 9791 3293

People with Disabilities (WA) Inc - Provides non-legal advocacy to people with disabilities who have serious or urgent problems.
Phone 08 9485 8900