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National Policy

Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010 - The Standards set performance requirements and provide references to technical specifications to ensure dignified access to, and use of, buildings for people with disability.

Disability Services Act 1986 - The Act provides a national legislative and funding framework for a range of disability services. A key aim of the Act was to provide a national approach to assisting people with disability gain and maintain employment. It also sets out guiding standards for the Disability Service Standards.

Disability Service Standards - The Disability Services Standards provide a set of guidelines for the delivery of quality public services for people with disability. The most recent standards were released in 2013. 

National Carer Strategy - The Carer Strategy sets out the Australian Government's commitment to better respond to the needs of carers, and helps to ensure carers have the opportunity to take part in all aspects of society, including the chance to participate fully in work, community and family life.

National Disability Agreement - The Agreement, introduced by the Council of Australian Governments in 2009, is between the Australian and state and territory governments for the provision of disability services for people with disability. It sets out the roles and responsibilities for each level of government and joins these efforts together though nationally agreed objectives and outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers. 

National Disability Strategy - The strategy sets a 10 year reform plan for all Australian governments to address the barriers faced by Australians with disability and will ensure that mainstream services and programs including healthcare, housing, transport and education, address the needs of people with disability.