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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability

All governments have agreed to undertake annual data collection on students with disability. This will provide more information regarding what individual adjustments are presently being provided to students with disability.

The evaluation report on the 2012 trial of the nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability can be found here.

In October 2014, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Education Council announced that the data collected through the NCCD to date “is not yet of sufficient quality to provide the information required to inform funding arrangements for students with a disability.” Information provided in a Senate Estimates hearing in February 2016 stated that the data is currently being examined by an independent review and will be considered by the Education Council in an upcoming meeting. The interim disability loading has been extended to 2016 prior to the development of the permanent loading.

In December 2016, the COAG Education Council released a report containing the 2015 NCCD results. The report noted that the quality of data can be improved and that results for different states should not be directly compared. The report is available here.

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