Tips for early intervention from CYDA Webinar on Early Childhood

    Tips for early intervention

    CYDA believes hearing direct from young people with disability about their experiences helps families, caregivers, and communities to have high expectations and aspirations for all children.

    Xander shares his tips for early intervention

    From: CYDA Webinar 2 June 2022 Early intervention and inclusion - can we do both?


    Consider the risk/benefit scale for both physical and emotional wellbeing on your child when deciding on the type and amount of therapy.

    Spend time (if possible) to find the “right” therapist who is willing to provide support and services that are age appropriate and “fun” for your child. If this doesn’t happen, your child may struggle to engage, and it will affect any possible benefit overall.

    Make sure your child can see the rewards regularly. If therapy provides long term reward, make up small rewards for your child to help them maintain their participation.

    Ensure that all therapy has goals, not only about improving functional capacity but has a focus also on increasing regular inclusion in all aspects of their life.

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